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GregDemoSlavs: Two Halves of the Same Soul

Two Halves of the Same Soul

Like a lot of Russians and Ukrainians today, Nikolai Gogol a Great Russian and Ukrainian writer, could not separate his Russian and Ukrainian identities. In 1844 he said:

 “I’ll tell you one thing about whether my soul is Ukrainian or Russian…for I myself do not know which one it is... I know only that, I’d never privilege the Ukrainian in me before the Russian, or the Russian before the Ukrainian. Both are too richly endowed by God, and if by design, separately each one possesses something that the other lacks, a clear sign, that they must complete each other. That’s why the destinies that were given to them are separate, so that they would cultivate different parts of their character and one day that would meld together to form something perfect in humanity.”


GregDemoTo the defamers of Russia

To the defamers of Russia

What noise ye make oh people’s champions

Why threaten sanctions upon Russians

What outraged you thus

The protestations of the lawless rabble?

Leave us be: a quarrel between Slavs.

Already weighed by fate

 tis but an old household squabble,

A matter which you’ll never sate

What destiny already wove,

Nor Kraut, Frank or haughty Yank or Pole

With mere words can ever hope to resolve.

For long these tribes have fought each other

Not once each side had bowed under storm

Who shall prevail in endless war

Will Slavic springs …

merge into a Russian sea

Will it run dry? That is the question.


GregDemo commented on Члена «Правого сектора» Сашу Белого убили в ходе спецоперации

Собаке собачья смерть!
Нечего Калашем размахивать